Today we’ll be taking green to a much higher level, where it truly belongs- green as in the plants. But this not without a little touch of creativity and a dash of styling. We know the value of plants, but we also need to understand it’s value in our daily lives with little gestures. How about gifting your friend a potted plant next time instead of an expensive gift? Wrap them in beautiful papers, add a little bow, and there you go! It solves many purposes- in spreading green, you will never be judged on what you got, serve a purpose of a decor item and will stay with them and grow with them. Well all this is sounding quite dramatic, but somewhere it holds true too. 

Today we’ll be looking at two picks from our old magazine collection, one on ideas of gifting plants. The other one is a snapshot of a home where pots and plants, their arrangement and styling is the most impactful creative aspect of the whole space.

See for yourself…


|1| Potted in a brass tub, this seems like the perfect gifting material.

|2| These are Chinese bonsai if we are not mistaken, they never fail to enhance the beauty of their pot.

|3| Beautifully planted or decorated flowers in a watering can. That’s two gifts in one!

|4| Again wonderfully done plant-styling in a basket. Loving the long flower stems.


|5| & |6| These spaces are from a charming bungalow from Chembur. Every nook and corner of the garden is hand reared.

For instance, in the space above, a bamboo tree is garnished by the placement of a few potted plants and a statue of Buddha.

|7| & |8| Various exotic plants are done arbitrarily in and around the garden with spotless British fences.

|9| |10| & |11| Every window sill is decorated with a small potted plant and quirky decorative objects to add a little fun.

Try any of these ideas, most of these are not very difficult to follow. We love those terracotta planters and know they can never be outdated, but we can always try a new  way of decorating with plants, indoors. Our next couple of posts are full of more ideas in this direction, so do stay tuned. Also do share with us your idea of potted plants, are you still sticking onto the traditional terracotta pot or have you moved on? Do you think a potted plant is more than just a fresh air-giving thing?

A penny your thoughts!

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