as we’ve already decided to dedicate most of the month to color green, today’s old magazine pick also had to be something in that direction. Found these Off-beat products while turning the pages of some old magazines.

Have a look-

|1| Great out of the box idea to bring those suitcases of different sizes  together and create a wardrobe out of it. We’ve so many old trunks and suitcases lying around in our houses, this idea can be tried. It can also serve helpful while moving and shifting. A great break-away from straight lines. And the best part is that we can still call it a simple design.

|2| Again a direct application of the form. That’s the main reason for loving this chair. We’ve many simple forms to take inspirations from in nature and leaf is one of them.

|3| This green seating made out of hand-woven synthetic fibres instantly catches our attention. The form gives a feeling of endlessness. More and more design brands are now opting for synthetic and recycled materials to do their bit for the environment.

|4| This tree inspired candle stand is a significant home decor accent also serving the purpose of warming up the ambience. And a piece as beautiful as this one will leave a mark, even when the candle is not lit.

|5| Leaving you with a kitchen interior with ample natural light. Another eye tonic interior. In our opinion, the green table is effectively breaking the monotony of greys. It also plays an extension to the greenery outside. What do you think of this Kitchen interior? Does it look inviting to you?

A penny for your thoughts!

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