when you see people on their terraces(when it’s not raining that is) and see most of the kites in the colors of orange, white and green- you know its 15th of August, –India’s Independence day. For us, it’s more than that, it’s a celebration, a festival. Of goose bumps, thinking of everyone 66 years back and more- sacrificing their lives for our independence. Anyway, back to the kite, I would really love to design a round kite with dark blue/indigo Ashok chakra on it. There is this immense sense of power the sign seems to evoke.  Apart from the color and the visual appeal, it has deeper meaning as to why it has found a place right at the center of the Indian Flag.

Personally for us, we love the dark blue color of the chakra and this was the only way we could relate it to our home decor website. So we planned a round-up of 10 incredible interior decorating ideas using the color dark blue.

This color has an amazing capacity of looking casual at one time and royal at another. You can treat it however you like, whichever style suits you best…

Use it to enhance the objects around it

|1|   Starting with the above setting , seems either fireplace or a sideboard. Here you would find that the color itself is so beautiful, you don’t need to do much around it. The color on the wall is helping bring out the objects placed before it with more definition.


Balance with different materials and textures

|2|  Here in this space if you notice, the first thing that is done to subdue the bright blue wall is by a printed rug hanging. Various other objects are also arranged here and there, some rough edged, some finished. Basically this is a great arrangement to understand what works for you.

Contrasting texture background

|3|  In this styling we see all blue objects, defined and finished, kept together. It is completely contrasted by the rough wall texture in the background. 

Royal touch with dark blue on a larger piece of furniture

|4| Here, we see the use of the color only in the sofa and in bits in the framed art on the wall. This is to create a dominant look with a touch of regality. Works fine!

 Add warmth with wooden floor and walls

|5| This serene living room interior has quite a dramatic look to it. It has indigo colored accents in the form of center table and cushions. The sofa is off-white and the wooden floor and walls (with niches) give a feeling of living in a hill station. 

 Let the color do the talking

|6| This seems like an extension to the previous image, only more stress is given to the color here and is stylized by using many small, big elements.

Why is blue Royal?

|7| This again is a great example to understand the color’s behavior around objects of different shapes and sizes. The head of the horse being organic, the defined hanging light and the framed art and then there is a resting chair with a throw and a checkered cushion. The rug has rough edges while the plain blue huge art resting on the wall has defined edges, Basically here, one contrasting object is put in front of the other for both the elements to shine out.  Rough or smooth, the whole look has a royal touch, may be because of the Royal Blue.

 With blues, no blues!

|8| Here, we see different shades of blue and they seem to be adding a little playful element along with a multi-colored throw pillow. As always white plays a balancing act.

Do you dare?

|9| Most of us can’t dare to try this look! Here all the basic element, carpet, walls and even the long sideboard are all blue(pastel look and feel) and that too in the same shade as if they have all been wrapped using cloth from the same roll. That’s not all, the other interesting element is the bubble gum colored sofa. We also see the use of white in the two single seater chairs, table lamp and wall art, there is nothing much to talk about that!

Go denim!

|10| This amazing bedroom seems to love denims, so do we. The blue has been used in every element here too, except for the bed and the frame on the wall but are we complaining?!

Don’t be afraid of dark blue or indigo, we know this color, we are familiar with it. Though its scarcely available in nature but we’ve been wearing it like forever. And if asked, I’m sure most of you would say that you are most comfortable in those pair of jeans. Choose your style from the above given examples and incorporate around your home. It’s a promise, it would never disappoint you! By the way, it also seems to be the color of the year!

A penny for your thoughts!

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