when God couldn’t put all colors in a single flower, He created rainbows. Rainbows are nothing but a stripe of seven colors going from one horizon to the other amongst an interesting amalgamation of rain and sun. Yet, what a sight they are! No matter what your age, you can’t stop yourself from jumping when you see one. That’s the magic it evokes! It’s a great escape from gloomy afternoons during the monsoon.

And that’s precisely why we are going to talk about these colors in the coming few weeks. Splash-up your decor with rainbow colors this rainy season and see your mood changing.

Buy decor products where multiple color options are available, buy all of them. Instead of same colored chairs for your dining table, buy 4 or six different colors. Get your couches a 5 different colored cushions. Small items like flower vases, you can get a set of 3-4 different colors to be placed together in a corner.

Where buying is not an option, paint one or two pieces in prominent colors of rainbow. Paint your window sills Indigo or paint a wall orange! Get a set of bright colorful candles, arrange your books and crockery color wise, put color pencils in that pen stand.

We feel It wouldn’t matter much which colors you choose for your decor. If you love those colors, you’ll love living around them. Just give those dull shades, those subtle tones a break and colorize!

A penny for your thoughts!

(Extremely sorry for the poor resolution of scanned images, tried our best to improve, hopefully we’ll learn in the process)

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