ya ya, we know, it’s not a fashion blog, nor are we trying to sell these. We just feel our WinterCuddle theme can’t be complete without a mention of these personal accents that keep us oh! so warm all through winter. Hope you enjoy this small round-up!

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Collars for your neck

We feel this woolen collars are no nonsense accessory for extreme winters, get few basic colors to go with all.


Pullover or sweaters

And of course pullovers- we don’t need to say much about these- they come in a plethora of options, patterns, styles & warmness.


Head Gear

Love these caps- you can get as fancy as you want with them. Great to hide those bad hair winter days.. 

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Knitted gloves are our faves- they can’t go without mention. Put them on while working- as hands tend to get very cold as other parts are covered.

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Feet Pamper

Not to forget to warm up the feet with these wooly, furry gorgeous shoes and socks.



These work to ways- one of course warming up neck shoulder and chest. Secondly by making you look smart, quite!

This was post is like a warming up session of any race. What’s coming up in few days will keep you warm and cozy at the comfort of your home. We’ll try not to deviate from home decor, but we can’t promise. If we come across something amazing, we have to share it with you- home decor or not!

A penny for your thoughts! 

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